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Archive for October, 2009

Programming for Under $5

I remember what it was like to be an RA with less than $100 for programming… for the whole year.  I realized that somehow I needed to meet programming standards without spending more than about $15 a month, so that meant that I needed to get resourceful.  (There’s a reason that RESOURCE is the R in […]

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Flu Season…*insert scary music here*

The PRC has seen a lot of flu hubbub recently — we’ve been provided with informational poster printers from the Office of Health Education, stocked up on hand sanitizer, and for a while we had a stack of those rockin’ Reveley flu posters for RAs to put up in their halls. So what can you […]

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Barnes and Nobles and Staff Development

In recent discovery, the PA staff has delved into finding ways to meet the needs of RAs who want to meet the needs of their areas. What a cool thing to be a part of! Recently, the PAs sat down and made a list of low/no cost programming ideas, ways to identify the needs of […]

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