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Archive for September, 2011

Programs in the PRC!

While it can be very easy to think that the Programming Resource Center is only useful for bulletin boards, this is not the case at all!  The PRC offers a variety of options in terms of programs and activities.   For example, you could bring your hall here and let them create their own doortags.  […]

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Parents Weekend Programming Fun

Family Weekend is upon us, and while James is working that weekend, and many of you may be saying “My family’s not coming. Why do I care?,” I am here to tell you now to get pumped because Family Weekend may very well be one of the most useful events of the fall. Why? Because […]

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‘Residents, I Would Like You to Meet Cohen!’: Using the Career Center for Hall Programming

You are a Resident Assistant? I have mad respect for you! Over the course of the year it is your job to successfully play the game of trying to win friends and influence people by understanding the psychology of a college student and by implementing strategies (listening, appealing to the interests of others, sincerity, etc.) […]

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