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Oh, the power of music.

This week”s programming post will focus on ways RAs can bond with their residents through music!  For many people in college, music tends to be a popular basis for discussion and has solidified many a friendship.  Thus, it presents an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your residents better!  One idea you could […]

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The Mid-Semester Slump

Whew, it’s finally Fall Break. After six and a half weeks of  an academic intensity that only William and Mary knows how to supply, these  four days feel unbelievably overdue. Catching up on TV shows and mental  processes that are not required to be documented in a 12-page paper and socializing with friends and real meals and… […]

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Did you know that October 12th is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day or that November 16th is Button Day?  Fall is finally here and along with it are the holiday-filled months of October and November! There is no need to stress about programming during these months because you can just pick a holiday and […]

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