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Archive for February, 2012

Midterm Madness

Boards are due, exams and papers are piling up, and it’s difficult to imagine having the time and energy to serve as a resource for your residents. But never fear, the PRC is here! With relaxation tips for you and your residents as well as super simple programming ideas, the midterm stress is no match […]

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Appropriate Use of PRC resources

Have you ever heard of embezzlement? Like Bernie Madoff-style embezzlement? Of course you have! (Unless you live in a cave. Which is okay, just make sure you say hi to the Fraggles for us!) But did you realize that the term also applies to misuse of PRC resources? Sounds harsh, right? Unfortunately, that’s the truth. […]

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“It’s unnatural. Pairing up never works. When I build my ark, everyone’s gonna get on one by one. Single file, no talking!”

For those of you aren’t familiar, the quote in the title of this blog post comes from one of my favorite T.V. shows, Will & Grace.  In this particular quote, Will is frustrated that all his friends are pairing up as he is experiencing heartbreak.  In a moment of annoyance and frustration, he exclaims “It’s […]

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