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Archive for March, 2012

Room Selection 101

The end of the year is undeniably busy–filled with exams, final projects, tons of events, course registration and- for most residents- housing selection. We all know the stress of exams and course registration, but few RAs have ever been through housing selection. So how are we supposed to help when residents come to us with […]

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End of the Year Programming!

On a college campus, the end of the year can mean a lot of different things depending upon what the coming months may hold.  Freshman are ready to become sophomores and lose their ‘new kid on the block’ designation.  Sophomores and juniors are likely getting ready for internships and study abroad opportunities.  And finally, seniors […]

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Add a Little Sunshine to You Programming: Outdoor Programming Ideas!

Spring surprised us in February this year. We anticipated the return of winter, but the sunshine, and unseasonal warmth persisted. Whether you want to blame it on global warming or the groundhog seeing his shadow, or call it a gift from above, we can all agree that one of the perks of the beautiful weather […]

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