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All of you are about to flip your calendars to the next month. You’ve probably spent your whole life calling the upcoming month “November.” I’m here to tell you it’s true name is Movember (or at least since 2003).

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Election Day

Election Day is 16 days away! For most students, this will be the first Presidential election in which they are voting. Here is what you should do on Election Day! Scroll to the bottom for Program Ideas!

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Jazz It Up!

This blog is about trying out new things, in particular exploring new music. Taking a History of Jazz course has given me the chance to discover new artists, and appreciate their stories found between the notes. Jazz receives much of its influence from the Blues. Blues was born in the South. This distinct genre expressed […]

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Materials Required: One Hand

This post is about the benefits of raising your hand when in a social situation (and by social, I simply mean a situation when there are people).¬† First off, I recommend you watch this video because it is silly: Sesame Street: Raise Your Hand Now, back to the content. Raising your hand is a polite […]

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