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The Season of Hustle, Bustle, and Thanks- It’s time for Turkey Day!

While everyone is eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving Break, the days leading up to it can be beyond chaotic for RA’s and Residents alike with exams, term papers, and other projects obscuring the light at the tunnel. Dreams of home cooked family meals and lazy days with friends can get shoved to the back of your mind […]

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Passive Programming

As the year starts to come to an end, you may see a bit of a change in your residents. I know I am starting to spend more time on my own either in my room, the study lounge or the library. Everyone is different but some students may be keeping to themselves more as […]

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Creativity & Advertising

Hey all! So I’ve done a couple workshops already this semester and a popular theme of these has been creative advertising! So I’d like to recap some tips here available for everyone! 1. Find your hook Consider providing an incentive (tangible like food or otherwise like knowledge!) for attendance and market that incentive 2. Getting […]

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