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A Day in the Lyfe of a Pah

“I work the PRC, it’s basically where RAs go to make bulletin boards, door tags, and plan programs. Aka Kindergarten!” -Most Often Said Thing in My Life, second only to “Jank.”   The Programming Resource Center, always the RAs’ favorite place to go, not just because of its variety of supplies and resources, yet also […]

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Let’s Talk about Valentine’s Day Programming!

So Valentine’s Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. It’s this Friday in case you needed a reminder; as if the commercials and Valentine’s Day sections of just about any store haven’t been enough notice. For some, this day is a dreadful reminder of singledom or of the hyper-consumerism that exists surrounding this “fauxliday.” Like that? […]

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I know ┬ámany of you have been longing for the chance to get the latest in PRC coolness, so wait no longer-┬áThe PRC Blog is no longer on break! While we already into the new year, all of the fun is just getting started! You all are a little bit older and a little bit […]

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