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Archive for February, 2015

The PRC Chronicles of Jess and the PAs

In their eponymous band of crafters and glitteristas, this group of lovable goobers has shared many a ridiculous adventure. Below is the definitive ranking of some of the most notable and brag-worthy memories. 😀   10) When we all made adorable pumpkins themed as Wizard of Oz characters for the ResLife office staff; also when […]

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A PA’s Declassified, PRC Survival Guide

Disaster can strike anywhere, even in our crafty PRC wonderland. When you find yourself in the next PRC-related catastrophe, what should you do? Worry not – I bring to you this all-encompassing, fool-proof survival guide filled with valuable life lessons from a current Program Advocate. 1.The Fiery Incident of Fire of 2014 The PRC is […]

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No such thing…..

There is no such thing as a perfect PA. The word creative is impossible to define. And everything is better with glitter. That is all.  

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